surveillance picture

surveillance picture

Thursday, December 23, 2010

5 Security Gadgets Worth Checking Out

Besides CCTV cameras, outdoor cameras and security systems, security gadgets are another popular way to protect your home and office.latest-security-gadgets_s Today’s popular security gadgets that are very suitable to use and worth checking out are:
1) FTV 10 fake TV Burglar Deterrent Device: Manufactured by Fake TV this gadget is designed to make an impression like someone is home watching television. Many burglars will not risk prison by breaking into an occupied house. FTV 10 Fake TV Burglar Detrrent Deice works emitting bright LED right.

2) Mini Bug Detector: This compact handheld device offers protection against wireless microphones and transmitters. Mini Bug Detector is perfect for securing homes, offices and hotel rooms and can be easily taken with you any place where you may be spied by evil minded people.

3) RFID Digital door lock: RFID Digital door lock is a security gadget that practically can not be picked. RFID pens only with your RFID Smart Key or your PIN pad and comes with a built in alarm should the door be forced open.

4) Hidden Wall Safe: Hidden Wall safe is unique item designed to keep all your cash and valuables in. Whether its behind a portrait or behind something else, it is very popular has been used around the world with great success.

5) Biometric Wall Safe: The latest security gadget worth checking out. Biometric Wall Safe is a fascinating security item that is being found as an optional component for computer security as well as access control to buildings.This is usually a tiny type of  safe that can be well hidden behind a painting, but is big enough to accommodate most of your valuables.


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