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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Garage Security- 5 Typs To Help You Prevent Break-ins

As I noted on previous article- ‘’Where Do Thieves Break Into Houses’’, statistics show that homebreakings through garage doors make up 9%. 0021-garage-photo-new Gaining entry into homes through  open garage doors is being the quickest and simplest way for most burglars.Garages are considering one of the favorite targets for thieves, because they contain such valuables as cars, bicycles, and tools that are easy to fence. FBI, local Sheriff/Police data and Department of Justice Statistics every year report thousands of garages burglarized.
In this article I’m not going to tell you to keep your garage door shut all time. I  simply advice you to  take certain actions to assure it’s safe for intruder to gain access to your garage when you are not around. Let’s take a look at these  types you can do to add  the security of your garage.

1) The easiest place for thieves to gain entry to your garage is a window. Very often they are placed on the side or around the back where thieves can work undetected. With a very low budget you can add additional locks and reinforced glass on your garage windows making them much harder to be broken.

2) Don’t forget to lock the door into your home from the garage. Even after long  day don’t be lazy to create one more step  to increase your garage security. Don’t forget that nearly 1 in 10 home burglaries are made through garage doors! Installing a Anti-Kick device  and having a wide-angle peephole in the door between your house and your garage will  help you check your garage security easier.

3) Even if your garage is separated from your home, it is important for you to secure it so that robbers will stay out of it. If your garage door uses a track to lift, then you can tighten a C-clamp on the track that is near the roller. The door cannot be opened until you take off the C-clamp.

4) For automatic garage door owners there are new generation automatic garage door openers which have undergone a lot of development since the early models. New gneretaion models of automated garage door openers make it much more harder for intruders to break the code of used to unlock automatic garage doors. So consider  to upgrade it now if you use an old model!

5) The 5th most important type that most garage owners don’t pay an attention. Always treat your garage door remote control like a key. Don’t leave it in your car where it can be seen - hide it in the console, glove box or somewhere else in your car, but don't leave it on the visor where it can be seen. Never leave it in an unlocked vehicle as this could result in your car and home property being stolen.


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