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surveillance picture

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tips To Select Your CCTV Cables

cctv cameraWhen installing your CCTV camera system complete with runs of cables for your video and power signals, it’s very important to be informed about CCTV cable types before purchasing them. These tips of  selecting CCTV cables will help you understand the necessity of buying CCTV cables as well as effectively choose the best option based on your needs.

Fire Codes and CCTV Cables
If you live in an area which supports return air flow in the ventilation; then you obviously will need to use a plenum rated CCTV cable. Areas that support return air flow are usually the locations that are used for heating and air conditioning. As you know it’s a vital part of the system as it is where the air from the supply registers goes. If your place doesn’t support return air flow, anyway a customary  PVC coaxial CCTV wire is also acceptable.

CCTV Cable Distances
The distance of CCTV cables is another important thing to determine, before you go about purchasing. The importance of this is consisted in degradation and failing of your signals in case of further distances depended on some type of cables.
If you are going to be installing your system with a max of 600ft - 800ft in between devices; then a standard RG59 coaxial cable should be the proper option to buy. For further distances you may think about upgrading to a RG6 cable then.

Check What Your CCTV Cameras Use

Standard Composite Video CCTV Cameras
Practically standard CCTV cameras use an analog composite video signal of 1V peak to peak (NOT RF) and it’s very important to keep in mind, as a RF signal uses aluminum coax to send the signal to your receivers or TV system. That’s why it’s required always use a copper braid / copper core coax for your composite video coming out of your security cameras. It’s advised  possible choose a coaxial CCTV cable with a 95% braid and a SOLID copper core.

Network Cameras
In case of network cameras coaxial CCTV cables actually are not needed and they will use network Ethernet cable such as CAT 3, CAT 5, CAT 6, etc... The cables are commonly connected using punch down blocks and modular connectors and  include some plenum and non plenum ratings as composite coaxial ones do.
To conclude, these were the details what you should consider and make a smarter and knowledgeable decision before purchasing your CCTV cables.


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